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Harness The Power Of Nature’s Most Potent Superfoods Without Juicing, Shopping, or Blending! Supercharge Your Body’s Natural Energy & Wellness Mechanisms With Ingredients From 35 Nature Perfected Superfoods. 

LadyBoss GREENS will help detox your body and mind by flushing harmful toxins, support overall health, organ, and immune function, increase mental focus and acuity by eliminating brain fog, and help reduce feelings of stress.

Shake, Mix, Or Stir Up A Glass Of This Delicious Green SuperFood Powder Anytime To Get An Incredible 8 Full Servings Of Antioxidizing Fruits & Vegetables. 


  • Delicious Apple Pie Taste: What good is a SuperFood Powder if it tastes like dirt?! LadyBoss GREENS delicious apple pie flavor is formulated containing ingredients perfected by nature. This creates a mouth-watering great taste without a bunch of added sugar. 
  • Weight Management Support: Need a boost to support your weight loss goals? The LadyBoss GREENS SuperFood powder boasts 35 body-boosting superfood ingredients to that support a wide range of body functions that can help support more weight lost over time. 
  • Detoxifying Alkaline Formula: LadyBoss GREENS proprietary SuperFood powder contains multiple detoxifying and alkalizing (anti-acidic) ingredients that studies have shown to help reduce the effects of super oxidative stress as well as fight damage caused by free radicals. In addition, when your body is in an alkaline state, it can help it metabolize and burn fat more efficiently.  
  • Supports Enhanced Energy: If you find yourself feeling fatigued, run down, or just exhausted throughout your day, you’re probably not getting the key components your cells need to produce energy for your entire body! The three proprietary SuperBlends in LadyBoss GREENS work in synchronicity to help support cellular function allowing our bodies natural functions to operate in their optimal state. 
  • Inflammatory Supporting Properties: Day to day stress, sugar, moderate exercise, and other sources can negatively impact our bodies in multiple ways. GREENS contains 5 specific superfood ingredients that support a healthy inflammatory response to help your body naturally combat issues caused by excess inflammation.

Supercharge - Ignite your body’s natural metabolism and fat burning processes.

Energize - Top off your energy levels all the way down to a cellular level.

Alkalize - Restore the pH levels in your body to promote organ function health.

Fortify - Strengthen your body’s immunity-defense system with necessary nutrients.

Detox - Cleanse your system of toxins and other free radicals that inhibit weight loss. 

Mental Clarity - Empower your mind by increased cellular oxygen consumption & blood flow.

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