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Due to high demand and TONS of LadyBosses seeing REAL RESULTS, LadyBoss LEAN is currently on backorder. Existing CLUB orders will not be affected. LEAN will ship no later than Thursday, April 9th, 2020 (or as soon as possible). ORDER NOW to secure your shipment & join Club to never run out again!

A Quick Way To Get The Protein AND Vitamins Your Body Needs! An Ultra-Premium, All-In-One Nutritional Meal Shake Powered By Science and Formulated Specifically For Women.

Save Money By Replacing Your Breakfast With A High Protein Meal Shake To Support Your Immune System, Control Sweet Cravings, And Help Promote Digestive Health, All At The Same Time!


  • High Protein: A high protein meal shake can boost your metabolism and give you more energy. LadyBoss LEAN Premium Protein For Women boasts a full 15 grams of grass fed non GMO whey protein. Easily get the protein your body needs when you're in a hurry.
  •  Weight Loss & Craving Support: Got a late night sweet craving? Mix up a delicious LEAN shake and watch what happens. Most cravings stem from a lack of key nutrients and having a quick nutritious snack can be a life saver. Or maybe you just get busy and tend to skip meals... LEAN will help you keep that metabolism going at all times.*
  • Ideal Meal Replacement: Don't have time to make breakfast? Maybe you forgot to pack your lunch? Or you just didn't get to meal prepping for the week? LadyBoss LEAN has got you covered. You can even add in your favorite healthy ingredients like peanut butter or fruit to mix up the flavor for a delicious smoothie treat.
  • Filling, Satisfying, & Delicious: If it doesn't taste good you won't drink it! It's time to throw out all those old nasty, chalky, bitter protein shakes that your husband keeps making you try. LEAN is like drinking a silky smooth milkshake. It will help keep you feeling full. You can even use one of our amazing shake recipes to easily mix up the flavor anytime you want!
  • Save Money & Time: Mix up your delicious LEAN shake for a healthy meal on the go anytime, anywhere all for less than $1.65 per meal. Eating healthy can be expensive. Why not go the simple route? When you make a yummy LEAN shake for breakfast or lunch you are saving tons of $$$ on a meal that would've cost triple at the drive through!
  • Immunity & Digestive Support: LEAN is bursting with ingredients your body uses to support your digestive health & immune system*. Now featuring Vitamins A, C, and E plus numerous other vitamins & minerals. Patented Prohydrolase® digestive enzymes support proper digestion of protein so you can enjoy all the benefits of LEAN without the discomfort, gas, and bloating associated with digesting other protein-rich foods. Get the healthy building blocks your body needs to have to support your immune system by starting your day with a nutrition-packed breakfast shake.

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