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Manifesto Sparkle V-Neck: LadyBoss LIVE 2018

Manifesto Sparkle V-Neck: LadyBoss LIVE 2018

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Misplace or miss out on the amazing Swag from LadyBoss LIVE 2018 in Nashville?! Maybe you had a sister/friend that couldn’t make it or wasn’t able to get a ticket?! We had just a few items remaining and we wanted to make sure you had the chance to get everything you wanted out of this life-changing event.

The Manifesto Sparkle V-Neck is an eye-catching, incredibly unique piece of Swag that features the LadyBoss Manifesto artistically laid out across the full back of the shirt. Whether in attendance, reliving the event through the recordings, or looking to score your first piece of Swag… this stretchable but form-fitting shirt is an absolute MUST for your LadyBoss Collection!

  • Stretchy material but feminine shape makes this shirt incredibly comfortable but not boxy or poorly shaped
  • Stunning glitter throughout the shirt is sure to match your LadyBoss sparkle
  • Beautiful Manifesto print on back and LadyBoss emblem across the chest will make you feel like you can conquer anything
  • Not only great for the gym or Fit At Home workouts… this shirt is perfect for running around town or shopping with your friends!