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The LadyBoss Live 2018 Event Tee
The LadyBoss Live 2018 Event Tee

The LadyBoss Live 2018 Event Tee

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Misplace or miss out on the amazing Swag from LadyBoss LIVE 2018 in Nashville?! Maybe you had a sister/friend that couldn’t make it or wasn’t able to get a ticket?! We had just a few items remaining and we wanted to make sure you had the chance to get everything you wanted out of this life-changing event.

The LadyBoss LIVE Event Tee is a staple piece commemorating the event and the amazing sisterhood built by LadyBoss. Whether in attendance, reliving the event through the recordings, or looking to score your first piece of Swag… this ultra-comfortable shirt is truly the perfect fit!

  • Comes in a one-size XL that can be worn as is, or modified and customized if you are the DIY/crafty type!
  • Durable cotton blend pre-washed and shrunk to hold a deep-black color and lasting design
  • Great for running a 5k, killing it in the gym, or even winding down at home